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MOSAIK is not just a skincare brand or a series of products; it’s a way of life, A way of REDEFINING self-beauty and a way of acknowledging the mosaic of ATTRIBUTES that contribute to our overall SENSE of well-being.


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A modern SKINCARE solution

The bioactive and phytoactive elements that we have carefully selected to use in our formulas are multi-functional and work to help rejuvenate and replenish the skin, bringing it back to its natural, beautiful state.


What people are saying

“I’ve always had very sensitive skin, I’ve had eczema all my life and I’m extremely cautious with the creams I apply to my skin. To my surprise the MOSAIK scrub was extremely gentle on my face and after using it my skin felt shiny and soft, I couldn’t believe the simplicity in the ingredients yet the efficiency of the product." - Lena

"My Skin feels like its been lifted after using the MOSAIK Duo Cleanser Set" - Erina

"I always found skincare confusing and complicated, MOSAIK makes it simple". - Matt

“I’m extremely picky about my skin products and also look for something that is made without genetic modification and all those chemicals. I am also not a fan of commercial brands. I fell in love with MOSAIK at my first try because its natural, vegan and simply made my skin better than ever.” - Sophia

“I always struggle with finding a gentle AND effective product: super happy to have finally found my match.” - Debbie

“It’s clean technology is tailored to fit all skin types.” - Daniel

“I especially love the face scrub – it is very gentle with micro scrub particles; with water it becomes a soft and creamy cleanse product. It leaves my skin squeaky clean and with a more refined texture. I also love the rich and nourishing serum. It feels light and is easily absorbed. The face scrub coupled with this serum – makes my skin radiant, my sensitive skin has absolutely improved and looks better than ever. Even my pigmentation seems reduced.” - Rebekka

“With MOSAIK, I finally found a product range that keeps my skin in condition. An extra boost and feels natural at the same time.” - Jan Jelle

“I have never used a cleanser before that leaves my skin clean, but also really hydrated - they usually just dry my skin out!” - Louise

"I've been using the products for a while now and I'm in love with the Eye Serum + and the Calming Face Mist. The products are so hydrating and soft on the skin. I bring them everywhere with me. My skin is glowy and soft afterwards" - Jewaria

"The guidelines and precautions of pregnancy are overwhelming so I was really relieved to find a pregnancy safe skincare line. I can rest assured it is safe for my little one both now, and after they are born". - Charlie