MOSAIK skincare is a new line of products formulated and approved by Dermatologists and experts in the industry, considering all ethnic skintypes. Using carefully selected ingredients and extracts from nature, with the combination of technology and science, we have developed a natural, vegan, alcohol and paraben-free series of skincare.

Skin concern - healthy and balanced
Skin concern - vegan vegetarian
Skin concern - paraben free
Skin concern - perfume free
Skin concern - gluten free
Skin concern - artificial color free
Skin concern - inclusive
Skin concern - pregnancy safe
Skin concern - innovative skincare
Skin concern - made in Japan

These products are suitable for all skin types, notably sensitive skin, and are even safe for pregnant women. MOSAIK products work to rejuvenate and replenish the skin while also enhancing the skin’s natural beauty.

YOU ARE your own kind of BEAUTIFUL

MOSAIK is not just a skincare brand or a series of products; it’s a way of life, A way of REDEFINING self-beauty and a way of acknowledging the mosaic of ATTRIBUTES that contribute to our overall SENSE of well-being.