Cookie statement

MOSAIK B.V, established and having its registered office at Almere (1327AA)  and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 83041516 (hereinafter referred to as “MOSAIK” "we" or "us") attaches great importance to the privacy of its customers and of all users to the website www. (hereinafter referred to as the "Website" ). We handle the personal data (possibly obtained through the use of cookies on the Website) of the user of the Website and the customers with care (hereinafter also referred to as: "You"). In this cookie statement, we provide you with transparent and accurate information regarding the use of cookies by our Website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are transmitted with the pages of the Website and are stored on the hard drive of the browser of the Website user. The information stored therein can be returned to our servers during a subsequent visit to the Website. This enables us, among other things, to offer you a well-functioning Website, to analyse your behaviour on the Website and, if you have given us your explicit consent, to offer you personalised offers.

What cookies do we use through the website?

The Website uses different types of cookies. When providing information about the use of cookies we make a distinction between them for the sake of convenience, namely;

  • cookies that do not infringe on your privacy, or only slightly;
  • cookies that do potentially infringe your privacy.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies do not infringe, or only slightly infringe your privacy. We use these cookies to:

  • ensure that the Website functions properly, is fast and is usable;
  • save your preferences on the Website in order to provide you with a personalised experience. The cookies are stored so that the settings, preferences and other changes made by you are set and remembered during your next visit (for example, certain filter settings or the contents of your shopping basket). This ensures you do not have to enter this information every time you return to the Website or surf from one page to the next;
  • save your login data (if you have activated this in your browser);
  • chat with you if you have any questions. 

What functional cookies do we use? Below you will find a detailed overview of the cookies used by the Website:

NameFunctionRetention period
_abUsed in connection with access to admin.2 years
_secure_session_idUsed in connection with navigation through a storefront.24 hours
cartUsed in connection with shopping cart.2 weeks
cart_sigUsed in connection with checkout.2 weeks
cart_tsUsed in connection with checkout.2 weeks
checkout_tokenUsed in connection with checkout.1 year
secretUsed in connection with checkout.
secure_customer_sigUsed in connection with customer login.20 years
storefront_digestUsed in connection with customer login.2 years
_shopify_uUsed to facilitate updating customer account information.

Analytical cookies

We also make use of analytical cookies. These cookies are anonymous and do not infringe on your privacy, or only slightly. We use these cookies to: 

  • optimise your experience on the Website;
  • provide insight into the use of the Website, for example by providing information about how often the Website is visited;
  • obtain insights into your behaviour on the Website and that of other users of the Website. 

What analytical cookies do we use? Below is a detailed list of the cookies used by the Website:

NameFunctionRetention period
_sShopify analytics.30 minutes
_shopify_fsShopify analytics.
_shopify_sShopify analytics.30 minutes
_shopify_yShopify analytics.1 year
_yShopify analytics.1 year

Tracking cookies

We also use cookies that may infringe your privacy. We will only use these cookies if you have given us your prior permission to do so by active intervention. You can give your consent by ticking the opt-in box yourself.

We use tracking cookies to provide you with personalized offers and to track your surfing behavior. We only do this after we have received your explicit prior consent for each purpose.

NameFunctionRetention period
_tracking_consentTracking preferences.1 year
_landing_pageTrack landing pages2 weeks
_original_referrerTrack landing pages
_shopify_sa_pShopify analytics relating to marketing & referrals.30 minutes
_shopify_sa_tShopify analytics relating to marketing & referrals.30 minutes

What are your rights?

If you do not want us to place cookies, you can choose not to accept the use of the various cookies. You can also adjust your browser settings so that you receive a warning before any cookies are placed. Furthermore, you can adjust the settings so that your browser refuses all cookies. You can also delete cookies that have already been placed at any time.    

What is the retention period of the cookies?

We do not store cookies longer than necessary for the purpose for which they were placed. How long a cookie remains on your computer or mobile device depends on whether it is a "persistent" or "session" cookie. Session cookies last until you close the browser window whereas persistent cookies last until they expire or are deleted. Most of the cookies we use are persistent and expire between 30 minutes and 20 years after the date they were downloaded to your device.


We may revise this Cookie Statement, for example to reflect changes in our practices or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons. We do not need to inform you of this, therefore we recommend that you consult this cookie statement regularly.


For more information on the use of cookies, or if you have any questions or wish to make a complaint, please contact us by e-mail at or by post by using the address details mentioned below:

Veluwezoom 7C 1.38, Almere,The Netherlands

Last updated: 24.01.2022