A Product of Two Generations

MOSAIK is a product of two generations, a lifetime of practice and understanding of the complexities of the skin by her father, with her passion and drive to create the right skincare solution for individuals of all skintypes and colours.

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MOSAIK is… Dermatological

Clinically formulated with vegan, bioactive and phytoactive ingredients, MOSAIK products are the result of over 35 years of expert advice and experience in the beauty and skincare landscape.

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MOSAIK embodies... Innovation

Formulated with the latest science, MOSAIK has extracted natural, vegan alternative options that are effective and safe for those with sensitive skin as well as expecting mothers. This process is done consciously, without animal cruelty, while being mindful of environmental impacts.

About pilospophy - education

MOSAIK believes in.. Education

Skincare is beyond skin deep. We believe in having an open, honest and transparent conversation about our products. Through sharing scientific studies, evidence, as well as expert advice, we empower our consumer.

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MOSAIK wants to redefine... Inclusivity

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when it comes to skin or beauty. Celebrating all spectrums of skin, we understand the differences of skin type and skin colour, and have formulated our products accordingly.


Growing up watching her father practice as a Dermatologist, Emi has always been fascinated with both the beauty, as well as the idiosyncrasies of the skin. 

"I spent most of my youth helping my father at his dermatology practice, and learned that our skin is not only individually unique, but also ever-changing. This fascinated me."

Emi started MOSAIK because she has always felt there has been something missing in the skincare market. She wanted to create a brand that had the values that she personally stands for - to remove the ideals of anti-ageing, whitening/bleaching, and so-called ‘perfect’ skin. To create a skincare regime that was made to be inclusive and most importantly, effective, for all skintypes, skin colours, and skin ages.

Three years later, after in-depth research, careful sourcing, countless formulations, and of course re-adjustments, here we are.  

"MOSAIK is more than just a skincare line. It is a lifestyle, it is an awareness, it is a global community. When we celebrate our natural beauty, our differences and forget about moulding into created ideals, it allows us to wholeheartedly accept ourselves - and one another. Afterall, the whole world is a mosaic - a mosaic of nature, a mosaic of cultures, a mosaic of people, a MOSAIK of skin." - Emi.


Over the course of his 40-year career, Dr. Robert Schemmer has treated patients from different parts of the world from first to third world countries. In his Dermatologic practice in Toronto, Canada, he has treated thousands of patients from multi-ethnic backgrounds and has noted, that skin tone (colour), skin type (characteristic) as well as genetics (ancestral origin) often determine the type of skin concerns, as well as treatment and preventative care respectively. Having worked in different parts of the world, including tropical and semitropical countries, the most common skin problems he has discovered are those of hyperpigmentation, sun damage/photoageing and acne (often the result of using the incorrect products on the face). He has also noted that different regions of the world approach skincare in different ways.

“Our skin is like a visual map of our genetic ancestry and it is important to consider all of these factors especially when diagnosing but also when considering the best skincare routine. Hormones, especially estrogens in women, can also play a significant role in skin health and condition, and thus pregnancy can be a time in a woman’s life when skin concerns are prominent and difficult to treat. Good skincare boils down to a simple regime using products that do not contain harsh, unnatural ingredients, are formulated for sensitive skin types, and most importantly are easy to use. Protection from the sun is paramount as the best antiageing protocol but is also essential for melanoma (skin cancer) prevention.”