Individual Beauty - The Formation of MOSAIK

30 December 2021

“When we celebrate our natural beauty, our differences and forget about moulding into created ideals; we begin to wholeheartedly accept ourselves and one another." 

Emi Schemmer / Founder

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada to her Japanese mother and German father, Emi had the experience of learning through multiple lenses, but when it came to beauty and skin; she described always feeling a little lost. 

Growing up watching her father practice as a Dermatologist, Emi has always been fascinated with both the beauty, as well as the functions and differences of the skin. Her Japanese roots reinforced  the need of self-care rituals, but her skin didn’t ‘fit’ into popular brands' stringent 

"I spent most of my youth helping my father at his dermatology practice, and learned that our skin is not only individually unique, but also ever-changing. This fascinated me.”

Her curiosity of observing her father in his practice, as well as his involvement with International Medical volunteering, stimulated her growing interest in health and wellness, which led her into her university and post-graduate studies, choosing to study Health Sciences, Nutrition, and Complementary Natural Practice. 

But it wasn’t only health and wellness that interested Emi. Being both highly entrepreneurial and creative, Emi started her first company, DesignItMedia, while studying at the University of Victoria, B.C.. She swiftly fell in love with ‘ideation’, ‘design’, and the exhilaration that evolved from working with established brands.

After graduating from the University of Victoria, B.C, with distinction and honors, she relocated to Tokyo, her Mother’s homeland in 2008, where she further developed her career as a hybrid creative-producer. For over 10 years, Emi has worked with countless International brands in Japan and abroad. Through her work, she continues to create new forms of storytelling and branding to elevate her clients. 

Emi is passionate about health, wellness, sustainability and equality. She continues to work with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands, where she excels in both creative and art-direction, whilst simultaneously bringing together talents to produce work that is new, compelling, and inspirational. 

Her natural, futurist ability is a fundamental element of both her work style and direction. 

Besides her work as a creative, Emi is the co-founder of OKA - a contemporary art foundation that supports emerging artists globally, a brand investor and advisor, as well as a contributor to recognised publications - as a fashion, beauty, and health expert. She lives between Amsterdam and Tokyo.

After years of global experience across multiple industries, Emi started MOSAIK because she has always felt there has been something missing in the skincare market. She wanted to create a brand that had the values that she personally stands for - to remove the ideals of anti-ageing, whitening/bleaching, and so-called ‘perfect’ skin. To create a skincare regime that was made to be inclusive and most importantly, effective, for all skintypes, skin colours, and skin ages.

Emi describes being frustrated with the health industry being overly pharmaceutical as well as the beauty industry becoming too commercial and superficial. Seeing the example of her father’s clinic, she believed that there was a need for more attention to alternative care techniques as well as research and application of utilising natural and safer alternatives to the traditional chemicals often found in skincare products. 

“I started MOSAIK because I wanted to finally create something that I felt happy and satisfied to use on my skin, since I have felt there has always been something missing in what is offered in the market for mix-skin types. I also wanted to create a brand that had values that I stand for - to remove the ideals of anti-ageing, whitening/bleaching, and so-called ‘perfect’ skin. And finally, I wanted to create a skincare regime that was made to be inclusive and most importantly, effective, for all skintypes, skin colours, and skin ages”. 

MOSAIK is a product of two generations, a lifetime of practice and understanding of the complexities of the skin by her father, with her passion and drive to create skincare that is suitable for all spectrums of skin. Two years later, after in-depth research, careful sourcing, countless formulations, and of course re-adjustments, MOSAIK is here, and Emi couldn't be happier.  

I have created a product that I love to use, am proud of, and feel confident to not only recommend but can stand behind 100%! MOSAIK is more than just a skincare line. It is a lifestyle, it is an awareness, it is a global community. After all, the whole world is a mosaic - a mosaic of nature, a mosaic of cultures, a mosaic of people, a MOSAIK of skin.